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The Transporter saga

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From Over the Hedge. Originally published from 2013-06-17 to 2013-06-22.


When you start classifying the dishes before washing them, you know you’re not gonna end up a lawyer

Unshelved 20030522


From Unshelved. Originally published on 2003-05-22.


I got your “real” books right here!

Unshelved 20130512


From Unshelved. Originally published on 2013-05-12.




From Incidental Comics. Originally published on 2011-02-03.

Now these are some predictions I can get behind!



From You’re All Just Jealous Of My Jetpack. Originally published on 2013-02-18.

Dewey is NOT amused! Was he ever, though?



Illustration by Victor Juhasz. Originally published on School Library Journal.

I’m pretty sure this system will be better than Dewey

Non Sequitur 20121204

From Non Sequitur. Originally published on 2012-12-04.

All hands on deck!

From Unshelved. Originally published in 2003-02-23.


Catchy title

From Mordant Orange. Published on 2006-08-15.

Technical mayhem

From Unshelved. Published on 2010-04-20.