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He’s gone rogue

bob's burgers 1


From Bob’s Burgers “Topsy”. Originally aired on 2013-03-10.
via libraries in pop culture.


You have a book of mine? I’ll catch you yet!



From Pearls Before Swine. Originally published on 2011-01-16.

Fear is what you should be feeling if I ever catch you misshelving yourself



Source and credit needed. via poplibrary

Pay your fines, Charlie Brown!



From Peanuts. Date unknown.

You know he was on 612.6!



Source and credit needed. If you know, comment please! via poplibrary

Where are all the books?

From Baby Blues. Found on Fox Tails.

A rare specimen

Here we see a rare male librarian depicted in comics. From Negra Nieves, by Consuelo Lago. Originally published in 1987.


I’m looking for a book of recipes.
Love potion and evil eye recipes.


By Jesús Martínez del Vas.

– I’m sorry miss, below the dust in one of the shelves I found this medieval manuscript.
– So take it to the Director’s office so they can catologue it.
– And what do I do with the monk?