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We are a rare breed indeed

Unshelved 20040201

From Unshelved. Originally published on 2004-02-01.


I got your “real” books right here!

Unshelved 20130512


From Unshelved. Originally published on 2013-05-12.

So it’s a man or a woman?



From Stone Soup. Originally published on 2003-11-02.

That one’s just for her own amusement

pearls before swine


From Pearls Before Swine. Date unknown.

Fear is what you should be feeling if I ever catch you misshelving yourself



Source and credit needed. via poplibrary

A beautiful, decimal, organized catastrophe



By John Allison. Originally published on 2011-02-11.

What do you know? He has me pegged!



From Cat and Girl. Originally published on 2009-07-17.

No more jolly reading for you, Mister!

Tragedy Series No. 28

From the Tragedy Series. Originally published on 2011-12-19.

Just open it, and off you go!

From Diesel Sweeties. Originally published on 2013-02-13.

And in your spare time, you can squeeze in reading one whole book every year!

From Questionable Content. Originally published in 2012-06-13.