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A little help


Originally published in Unshelved on 2016-10-10.


Pure evil


From Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. Originally published on 2015-03-19.

A beautiful, decimal, organized catastrophe



By John Allison. Originally published on 2011-02-11.




From Incidental Comics. Originally published on 2011-02-03.

Dewey is NOT amused! Was he ever, though?



Illustration by Victor Juhasz. Originally published on School Library Journal.

At least they’re honest

There might be some overlap

Now that’s user-friendly

From Frank and Ernest. Published on 2001-10-26.

The third shelf

From Frank and Ernest. Published on 1998-10-12.

Bok needs a book

From Bok. By Jesús Martínez del Vas.

Librarian: Oh yes, that book is used a lot. Look in the shelf on the back.
Sign: Kinda new books.
Librarian: A little bit further!
Sign: Semi-destroyed books.
Librarian: Further, further…
Sign: Annihilated books.
Librarian: There you go!
Bok: You know, I really think it was more practical to organize books by subject.
Librarian: But this way it’s much easier…