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The Transporter saga

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From Over the Hedge. Originally published from 2013-06-17 to 2013-06-22.


Just open it, and off you go!

From Diesel Sweeties. Originally published on 2013-02-13.



Um grande livro (A Great Book) by Marco Oliveira. via bookporn

Here’s to a happy hunting

From Caloi.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg

From Calvin & Hobbes.

Worlds inside

La page Blanche by Francois Schuiten. via

One bad book to condemm them all

From Sinfest. Published on 2010-05-09.

A match made in heaven

From Unshelved. Published on 2007-07-09.

To each his own

From Mafalda.

Mafalda: Hi Susanita, what are you reading?
Susanita: Fotonovelas.
Mafalda: But Susanita, you can’t fill your head up with all that nonsense! There are important things going on in the world; things that could change the very fate of mankind!
Susanita: Don’t remind me, you idiot! Or why do you think I’m reading fotonovelas?!

Rex Libris: I, Librarian

By James Turner.