Calvin and Hobbes

Urbandictionary is on my reference shelf

FromĀ Calvin & Hobbes.


That’s just the tip of the iceberg

From Calvin & Hobbes.


From Calvin & Hobbes.

Evil librarian stare

From Calvin & Hobbes.

I guess we can close the library on summer, then

From Calvin & Hobbes. If anyone has the original, let me know.

Calvin: Look at this! Mom took out a book from the library for me.
Hobbes: That’s nice.
Calvin: Nice!? It’s summer! I only have three measly months to laze about! I’m not planning on wasting those precious days reading books! Summers are to vegetate! That’s why they only play reruns on TV and cinemas only show sequels!
Hobbes: No wonder there are so many flies.
Calvin: Everyone knows something isn’t entertainment unless you can sit in the dark and eat.

Calvin would make a great social scientist

From Calvin & Hobbes.